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Addie WagenknechtAddie Wagenknecht is the chair of the Open Hardware Summit. She also serves on the OSHWA board. In her ‘real life’ she is an artist represented by bitforms gallery. Most recently she founded Deep Lab under a Warhol Foundation Grant to expand the presence of females within the hacking community.  She is a co-producer of the open source laser cutter Lasersaur.
Kat Miller is the co-chair of the Open Hardware Summit. She is a designer, entrepreneur and maker living in Portland, OR. Kat’s passionate about user experience and the intersection of hardware / software. She’s the co-founder of Made and runs a creative consulting company, Tiny CreativeKat Miller
Toni KlopfensteinToni Klopfenstein serves as the sponsorship chair for the Open Hardware Summit, as well as a board member for OSHWA board. She also herds engineers as the Engineering Quality Assurance Manager at SparkFun Electronics. When not involved with open-source hardware, Toni hacks on her Jeep, snowboards, travels, and enjoys analog music forms. 
Zachary Menegakis is a hardware and software developer who devotes his time to entrepreneurial and educational interests. Zack is part of the Maker and tech communities in New York and Texas, hosting learning workshops and organizing community technology events. He has worked in the IoT and cloud computing sectors, from designing products to assisting clients with deployments. Zack supports the team by tending to various tech needs for running the event. Zachary Menegakis
Katherine ScottKatherine Scott is the Review co-chair for the 2016 Summit. Katherine is a founder and the lead software developer at Tempo Automation. Tempo is building the electronics factory of the future in San Francisco. At Tempo the factory’s front door is the customer’s Electronics Design Automation (EDA) software, where the Tempo Plugin provides real-time Design for Manufacture (DFM) feedback and cost quoting. When the design is ready Tempo’s automated factory spins up, fabricates the design, and delivers it to the customer in as little as three days. Prior to Tempo Automation Katherine was a co-founder at Sight Machine and worked at Essess and a small mom-and-pop defense contractor. Katherine holds an MS in CS at Columbia University and Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan. 
Max Whitney is an early member of the NYC Resistor hackerspace, the former head of Academic Technology at NYU, occasional tech mentor at Black Girls Code and current VP of Engineering at Noom, creating products to help people lead healthier lives. Max formally trained in computer science at NYU’s Courant Institute and Oxford’s Software Engineering Lab. She informally trained in hardware hacking at saw-horse tables in Brooklyn, Cambridge and SF. Max is the author of an O’Reilly book on open source software for higher ed collaboration. She’s been involved with the Open Hardware Summit from year one, stuffing bags, shuttling speakers and chipping in where ever needed. Last year she contributed her academic process management chops as the OHS Review Chair and she’s back again, supporting Kat’s work developing the 2016 slate of presenters.

Max Whitney
Aileen ParkAileen graduated from The University of California, San Diego with a major in Computing in the Arts. She was introduced to open source hardware in her electronics arts class taught by Alicia Gibb, and later got hired to assist the good people of OSHWA. Her interests include graphic design, magical friendship ponies, and sleep.