Summit Recap - Presentation Slides and Videos

Opening Remarks by Addie Wagenknecht

Keynote Speaker Allison Parrish


Tom Moxon and David Turnbull: Embedis" dictionary server for embedded systems

Kwabena Agyeman: OpenMV: From Hack-A-Day Fail of the Week to Success

Jason Krinder: Open vs. Collaborative: Lessons from Linux and Google

Caroline Sinders

Harris Kenny: Free/LIbre/Open Source Marketing

Tracey Erway: Open Source Hardware at Intel: Moving the Mountain

Shigeru Kobayashi and Genta Kondo:  Designing an ecosystem to drive an open source hardware project

Bilal Ghalib

Ashwin Whitchurch: Open Source Hardware Medical Instrumentation: for better and for worse

Justyna Ausareny: What’s up with My Grandma? Open Hardware and Motor Function

Alicia Gibb and Michael Weinberg: OSHWA certification

Steve Hodges: micro:bit Open Source Physical Computing Platform for CS Education

Dan Seal: Rise of Open Hardware in Education

Sakshi Srivastava

Eric Pan Creating an Open Factory Among Factories

Aaron Baker and Andrew Greenberg: Space the Final Frontier of Open Hardware

David Perry: Beyond Microchips: Infrastructure, Norms and Feedback for Open Classical Instruments

Rianne Trujillo: Open Source Hardware in our National Parks

Luka Mustafa: Open and Good Enough Manufacturing Solutions